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Hello, my name is Edward "Bud" Ridenour. First I want to thank you for viewing our site and reading my daughter's story. I made a promise to my precious little girl and you are about to read what that promise I made was and how you can help us keep it.


I am just a father like all other fathers who love their children and will do whatever it takes to not let them down. My daughter Kaitlyn "Katie" Ridenour was born Dec. 14th, 1992. When she was 18 months old she was still not walking like we thought she should and found out that she had a Malignant Medullablastoma brain tumor.  She had an emergency 12 hour surgery and was in intensive care for 18 days following.  She went through 6 years of treatment and was finally in remission. When she was about 5 yrs old, we took her to our local CMN - Children's Miracle Network Telethon.


While there, I made a promise to her that one day I would write a check to match what was raised and let her take it up on stage.  For years I pondered on how I would accomplish this feat.  When my daughter was 12, and still in remission from her brain tumor, she was diagnosed with a very rare form of ovarian cancer called "Small Cell".  It was so rare the doctors and MCG (Medical College of Georgia), now Georgia Health Sciences, could not even find another child who had it. There was no protocol, and no plan on how to treat it. The doctors and hospital did what they could by trying to come up with a protocol using adult medicine with child doses. Unfortunatly, the tumor was just too agressive.


Katie passed away around 9:30pm on December 28th, 2005, just 14 days after her 13th birthday. She was a fighter and never gave up. She helped and comforted others often and always put others and their needs and concerns in front of hers.  The way she lived her short life truely impacted others in a positive way and through her courage and strength brought many to new relationships with God. Just hours before she passed away, while not even medically being able to move or speak due to the amount of medicines she was given for pain...she opened her eyes for a brief moment, and said these words to her mother: "REMEMBER THE DIFFERENCE THAT I SHOWED YOU".


She then closed her eyes for the last time and at that moment, we knew she was on her way to heaven. I hope you can help us keep my promise to a special little girl by giving 1 dollar or more to help kids like her so that we together can find cures for these special children. It is my hope also, that even if you cannot give, that you will pass our website and her story on to others. Thank you so much for reading her story......Bud Ridenour, Katie's Father.

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